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Real Flavor from Fresh Herbs and Spices

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SAGE Standard: “We cook with trans-fat free oils and MSG-free seasonings.” What We Do We enhance the flavor of our food with a variety of fresh, natural herbs and spices—ranging from those grown in our own campus gardens to those harvested across the globe. We make many of our own salad dressings, Asian sauces, and other prepared condiments specifically to avoid added trans fats and MSG (monosodium glutamate). Why We Do It Trans fats have been chemically altered to...


Wholesome Whole Grains

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SAGE Standard: “We offer a variety of whole-grain breads, bagels, and rolls.” What We Do We offer a selection of whole-grain breads and at least one salad made with whole grains every day. We also regularly incorporate whole-wheat and whole-grain pasta and brown rice into our menus. We encourage students to try new and different whole grains, like amaranth, farro, quinoa, sorghum, and spelt by incorporating them into sides and salads. Why We Do It The outer layer, or...


Back to Basics: Milk and Eggs

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SAGE Standard: “We use antibiotic- and hormone-free milk and cage-free, Certified Humane® eggs.” What We Do We exclusively purchase milk from farms that treat individual cows with antibiotics only in response to a diagnosed illness, rather than prophylactically treating the entire population, and never give them artificial hormones. During processing, the milk of antibiotic-treated cows is tested for the presence of residual antibiotics, and the milk only comes to us if it’s entirely free of antibiotic residue and artificial...


An Abundance of Plant-Based Options for Vegans and Vegetarians

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We don’t have to tell you that vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are continuing to gain momentum. Whether a community member has chosen to forgo animal products for environmental, ethical, health-related, or religious reasons, SAGE makes it easy to choose a delicious, balanced meal. SAGE Standard: “We offer substantial vegetarian and vegan options.” What We Do We include at least one vegetarian option daily at The Main Ingredient®. We provide at least two vegetables daily: one fresh, and one steamed...


Wholesome, Fresh Poultry and Deli Meats Are Our Standard

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You may have heard talk about the potential health hazards of antibiotics and nitrates in poultry and deli meats. This is a cause of concern for many parents, who know that a high-piled sandwich or a plate of chicken tenders—one of our most popular items—is their child’s favorite meal. You can rest assured that, in a SAGE dining hall, your children’s favorites are wholesome, fresh, and antibiotic- and nitrate-free. SAGE Standards: We house-roast deli meats and source antibiotic-free chicken. What We...


Helping Students Discover a Variety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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SAGE Standards #2 and #3: We use fresh fruits and vegetables and we offer fresh salads and house-made dressings. What We Do We offer two kinds of fresh-cut fruit every day, serve fresh fruit salad every Friday, and offer fresh fruit as an alternative to sugary dessert items. We serve fresh vegetables daily, including one plain steamed veggie, as an accompaniment to our main entree. We also offer grilled and raw veggies for sandwiches and wraps, and to accompany our...


SAGE Defines the Food Service Standard

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The SAGE Standards are the guiding principles to which we adhere. They’re our promise to our campus communities—fresh, wholesome, made-from-scratch food that pleases a variety of palates and meets a variety of dietary needs. We feel good knowing that our Standards support the health of our communities, their environments, and their local economies.  We’ll touch upon these Standards in a series of upcoming posts. SAGE Standard #1: “We cook from scratch, using local and campus-grown ingredients where possible.”...


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