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Locally Sourced: Q&A with Devin of Sardilli Produce & Dairy Company

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I was first introduced to Sardilli during a visit to SAGE’s Cheshire Academy in Connecticut, when their white truck pulled out of the mist of a still-dark morning. Later that day, I found myself rinsing the deep green leaves of the crisp, cool Swiss chard that had come in on that same truck. I couldn’t wait to learn about the company that brought such fresh, beautiful produce to our dining halls. The next afternoon, I arrived at the impeccably clean...


Locally Sourced: The Farmer’s Cow

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Many of us remember drinking milk from those little paper cartons at school. The benefits are undeniable: bone-building calcium, muscle-building protein, energy-giving carbohydrates, and satiating fat, all in one delicious package. That’s why milk—both hormone- and antibiotic-free—is a beverage staple at many of our SAGE venues. One of SAGE’s vendors providing this healthy drink is The Farmer’s Cow, a six-farm dairy cooperative in Connecticut that provides milk and other dairy products to six of our schools in CT. Here’s what...


A Commitment to Sustainability

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At SAGE Dining Services®, our commitment to sustainability is visible in our efforts to use safe, local, and organic products whenever possible; to minimize waste; and to educate others about sustainable practices. We create custom menus for each venue to showcase the products and flavors of each community, which often requires local sourcing and local skill. We develop partnerships with local suppliers to increase the use of seasonal products, support sustainable local farming initiatives, and reduce fossil fuel emissions. In...


Locally Sourced: Quality & Service at Sid Wainer & Son

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Executive Vice President Allie Wainer is the fourth generation to help run the family business, Sid Wainer & Son, Inc., a Massachusetts-based SAGE partner and purveyor of specialty foods and produce. The 102-year-old Sid Wainer & Son was founded by Allie’s great-grandfather in 1914 in New Bedford, Massachusetts—where it’s still headquartered today. The company’s mission is to educate its customers and to make their menu development easier by providing top-quality ingredients and inspiring recipes. Like SAGE, Sid Wainer believes that...


The Common Market: Sustainable Sourcing to Support Local Communities

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SAGE is proud to work with hundreds of small, local suppliers across North America.  We’re a strong proponent of local sourcing, and The Common Market is an excellent example of how partnering with local suppliers helps support the communities in which we work. The Common Market is a non-profit food hub that connects small local farmers and food artisans with people and organizations that seek their wares.  The idea first came about when co-founders Haile Johnston and Tatiana...


Locally Sourced: “Brewing a Better Day, One Cup at a Time” at Thomas Miller Coffee & Co.

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(Photo: Art Gentile/The Intelligencer via AP) “In 1978 is when we started…” begins Tom Miller. “Many moons ago and twenty pounds lighter!” interjects his wife, Cathie. So begins an afternoon of tag-team tales from the lively couple behind Thomas Miller Coffee, a small, family-owned business that provides complete coffee service to several SAGE venues across three mid-Atlantic states. Tom and Cathie have been working together for 36 years, fueling their company’s steady growth with a focused service mentality that...


Locally Sourced: Hearth and Home at H&S Bakery

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A recent visit to Baltimore-based H&S Bakery affirms what we’ve known about the company all along: “Quality is the most important thing for us.” A walk through the H&S Bakery feels a whole lot like stumbling into someone else’s family reunion. As Ryan Paterakis leads me around the plant, he seems to say in response to every friendly face that crosses our path: “That’s my cousin, so-and-so.” This warmth and familiarity are in keeping with the origins of...


Thirty Years Strong at Patisserie Poupon

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This month, Baltimore's Patisserie Poupon, which was founded by Joseph Poupon and his wife in June 1986, celebrates its 30th anniversary—and its 14th year of partnership with SAGE. A trained pastry chef from Western France, Poupon moved to the U.S. in 1974. He worked in New York, and then in D.C., making pastries. Poupon had always wanted to own a shop, and a decade later, the opportunity presented itself when a friend of his bought a strip of abandoned buildings on...


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